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System Integration

Most of our solutions run in enterprise environment consisting of many different systems. We understand business requirements and take care of all phases of systems integration process, from the analysis, through building a prototype, implementing features, testing, up to the deployment and support in production.

Custom Development

Our analytics will help to refine your idea. Our software architects can propose technological solutions. Our developers and testers will make sure that your project is well-executed and delivered on time. Our project managers will guide you through the whole process. You are a visionary, and we are artisans helping to bring your ideas to life.

Consulting Analysis

People usually don't know what they want, but even if they do, they are not experts. That's why we offer consulting and user or system requirements analysis services. As a result we get documented knowledge of the domain, business processes, business needs, user roles, system use cases etc. so we, or the customer can design and plan the development of a system.

Outsourcing IT

It is a challenge to set up a proper team for software development to start a new project with cutting edge technology. JAVEO can help by providing a whole team or competent individuals with solid knowledge and experience. We are doing quality work under the terms of agile or time & material contracts. If you are looking for well trained and organised people, here we are.

Software Testing

Great user experience and quality comes from testing. Our testing engineers know what to test and how to test, when to automate and when to go manual. They will design the whole testing process, including test specifications and test cases, choose proper tools for test automations, write scripts and even do the manual testing if necessary.

Workshops & Trainings

Over years of personal and professional development our talented team members have gained valuable knowledge – and they would love to share it. If there is a need in your team to acquire or update some skills – let us know. We can propose custom designed workshops or training sessions.


Mobile Applications

Just share your idea for a mobile app with us. We will help you assess costs, design interface, build a prototype and develop high quality, powerful, mobile application for Android, IOS or other platform. We do also native, close to hardware solutions, even on IoT platforms like Arduino or Raspberry PI.

Fast Data

Fast data analytics of large data sets has never been easier. We use SMACK technology stack (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) to build distributed solutions computing streams of data in real time for machine learning and super fast system reactions in changing environment.


Transform your heavy, monolithic and error prone environment into light, distributed and resilient set of service components using our expertise and proven microservice frameworks like Spring Boot, Akka, Play and Lagom.

Web Applications

Web is no longer a medium for content but a medium for dynamic and mobile content. People build web applications and we help them to design and implement state of the art, responsive and reactive web creations. Using modern frontend frameworks such as Angular, Polymer or React it’s easy for us to do so.

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