What is Neutralizer?

Mobile app that helps all music enthusiasts optimize their sound experience.



JAVEO intended to create an application or people of digital age that have many connected devices and want to control all of them through a single app


A mobile app that enables music lovers to optimise their sound experience.

How is it different?

Everybody’s hearing is different so it’s necessary to test your hearing and take an active part in achieving the best sound reproduction.

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Neutralizer Story

Everybody's different and everybody’s hearing is different. You have to test your hearing on devices that take an active part in sound reproduction in order to be sure that any adjustments you make will work for you. We offer a simple to use interface that needs very little explanation. It is self explanatory. And it is elegant.

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Try Neutralizer and see how it's been customised to respond to your personal hearing parameters.



JAVEO has arrived at a conclusion that many music enthusiasts are often left to their own when it comes to improving their listetning experience for there are no professioanal tools or apps which would deliver the right sound to the receiver. This is becasue each person hears differently and therefore each sound should be profiled and customized to each person’s specific hearing abilities and music needs. Ands that’s why JAVEO created Neutralizer



We designed and created a highly-sesitive app that tests users’ hearing ability in key frequency ranges, adapts the system equalizer to take it into account and allows to create personalized profiles. Still available on Android in Google Play Store



Sound reproduction that uniquely matches and responds to your personal hearing parameters.

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Current Limitations

Neutralizer may not work for everybody. There are mobile devices that are not compatible to our product that don't allow third party apps to control the system equalizer. We are working towards a solution to satisfy everybody, but for the time being your mileage may vary. It is, what it is.
Please don't give us bad rating because of this. We told you so.

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